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  April 2017


The Official newsletter of Region "A"                                     


2017 GWRRA Events

May 6-7 South Calorina District Rally Beaufort, SC
May 18-20 Alabama District Rally Mobile, AL
Jun. 22-24 Georgia District Rally Dalton, GA
Oct. 12-14 Mississippi District Rall7  Gulfport, MS
Aug. 31-Sept.3 Wing Ding 39 Grapevine, TX
Oct. 26-28 Region "A" Rallly Eufaula, AL



Senior Region "A" Region Directors

Jim  & Sue Jackson



This afternoon as I tap out this fine Region ‘A’ Newsletter Article, I’m sitting outside on the porch of our cabin at the Lodge of Tellico near Tellico Plains, TN.  The past two days have been filled with water, clouds, fog and no sunshine.  Not a problem for high-steppers as we sit on the porch with the ‘big-dawgs” all dry, clean, comfortable and sipping sweet-tea.  Yeah, it’s a tough gig, but somebody must do it and It’s really great looking out over the Smokey Mountains covered with the low hanging clouds and a little fog to boot.  Yep, they really do look Smokey from here.


This past weekend was pretty good as we attended the Tennessee District Rally in Pigeon Forge, TN and the fun never stopped for 4 straight days until the rain moved in Saturday about dark.  Gary and Patti the TN District Directors and their foot-stomping Staff put on a good show and had a pretty good vendor turnout to boot.  I know I thoroughly enjoyed the Hatfield and McCoy’s Dinner Show that was an option in the registration packet.  Great show and the dinner was plumb good as well.  Of course all of that happened in the pouring down rain, but all the fun was inside in the theater. 


Sunday morning we packed up in the rain and moved on to our vacation spot the Lodge of Tellico in Tellico Plains, TN and that is where we are at the moment with the sun beginning to shine through the clouds this afternoon.  Its fun being on vacation.


After vacation, we will head home do a little washing and pack up the Bushtec and hitch it to the Wing for the ride over to Beaufort, SC where the DD’s Buddy and Kim Summer and their Carolina Staff will present the 2017 South Carolina District Rally.  Gosh, they have a host of events lined up an each event is packed full of fun for the delegate.  The Rally will commence on the evening of Friday 05/05 and will climax on Sunday 05/07.  And yes you read the dates right.  This rally happens on some different days rather than the normal Thursday thru Saturday Rally.  Looking forward to the ride.


And let us not forget the fabulous Alabama District Rally that DD’s Frank and Linda along with their Bama-Jamming Staff will be presenting May 18-20, in Bay City of Mobile.  Yep, the Bama Rally will be knocking down the doors of the Ashberry Hotel with the theme ‘Sit-Com Mania.  Hey, remember those little plastic TV’s you received during the 2016 Bama Rally?  Don’t forget to bring them with you cause they will be very important and valuable as well.  That’s all I know about that so I can’t spread any more information about it.


Our Southeast Region ‘A’ Membership Enhancement Coordinators, Rick and Madalena Buck announce our Southeast Region ‘A’ MEC of the Year during the Florida District Rally and presented Jeanette Carr with the  award.   During the Alabama District Picnic in April, I presented the Southeast Region ‘A’ Newsletter Award to Ron Landers of Chapter AL-D  Anniston.   During the “40 To Phoenix Social” in Conyers, GA, I presented the 2016 Southeast Region ‘A’ Chapter of the Year to CD’s Juanita and Gary Rackley of GA-A.  Congratulations to all the winners.


Ladies and Gentlemen our Southeast Region ‘A’ Trainers, Phil and Judy Stone, would like to keep the Instructor Training Certified Program (ITCP) in front of you and on your mind.  As mentioned in the February newsletter the ITCP Program is moving through the Region albeit slowly with classes being scheduled as needed.  Classes are being scheduled in Alabama as we speak for June 10.  If you want to get in on the class now is the time to contact Phl and Judy.  We need all the experienced excellent Instructors available so our Region ‘A’  ITCP program will again be number “1” in GWRRA.  Actually, the recertification is rather simple and just takes time and would be a snap for previous instructors.


By the way, Georgia and Mississippi continue to operate without District Instructors.  Georgia and Mississippi Members please take a look around and encourage your favorite folks to perhaps step-up in the leadership position for your District.


As we get more into the Summer riding, let’s keep our eyes open and our heads up.  Watch out for the other guy because he isn’t watching for you. 


Jim & Sue








Region “A” Educators

  Mike & Mary Coral





Mary & I have been on the road enjoying the rallies. We have just returned from the Tennessee Rally up in Pigeon Forge. Had a great time as always. The only down fall was that we were unable to ride the bike and had to four wheel it.


The reason I bring up the fact that we made the choice to four wheel-it is because it is a topic that we all talk about.  Because we love to ride our Goldwing, sometimes making the right decision to ride or not ride can be difficult. We talk all the time about planning the ride and it is a part of many GWRRA Seminars, but how many of us really look at all aspects of our trips.


There were several reasons we chose to drive instead of riding. We both work full time jobs and to get the time off to enjoy the rally we worked longer hours to ensure everything was taken care of while we were away, so we were not well rested as we should be for riding.  We headed out after work and would be driving into the night.  Plus, we planned to leave out early Sunday morning before sun up. As most of our GW family, we watched the weather forecast and saw where there were possibilities of bad storms while we were there and when during our drive home. Finally, the one most of us don’t want to admit, I have been going through some medical issues and was not physically up to riding that far. We weighed all the issues and even though we wanted to ride the bike, we knew that the right choice for us was to drive and not ride. 


When you get to your destination, you talk with someone and they say, “You didn’t ride?” or “A little rain won’t hurt anyone!” Even at our age peer pressure can make us do things outside our limits. We don’t necessarily know what went into the choices our friends make, so we as friends and family need to be supportive of the decisions others make as riders.  There are riders who can ride in conditions others are not comfortable riding in.  Ride your own ride and stay within your riding ability.


We hope that in the future when you go to get on your bike, you make sure you have taken everything into consideration to ensure not only your safety, but others on the road.



Mike & Mary





Region "A" Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Buddy & Kim Summer



Kim and I just returned from the Tennessee District Spring Fling Rally.  Gary and Patti and their team put on a great rally and since we had a room at the Ramada, we were just a few steps from the rally site.  They had plenty of indoor and outdoor vendors with lots of things to do and see.  We enjoyed the Hatfield and McCoy Show Saturday night, but the thing we enjoyed most was seeing old GW friends.  All in all, it was an excellent rally.

On the trip to and from Tennessee, distractions by motorists were abundant.  Mountainous roads through North Carolina and Tennessee made for some challenging driving, especially when other motorists were paying attention to everything but driving.  I know cause I was looking when my wife was driving.  It was raining hard on the trip home and Kim and I were both exhausted by the time we got back to South Carolina.  I guess what I’m saying is:  I wish other drivers were as concerned about driving aware as we were! 

That’s were you, as a motorcycle rider, help out by spreading the word about distracted driving.  The Motorist Awareness Program (MAP) has information to help you get the word out to other motorists.  Signs, pamphlets, seminars, and other literature are available.  If you need help getting these items or don’t know where to start, contact GWRRA Home Office for assistance.  I can also give you suggestions and will help you if you need assistance.  Call or email me and we will coordinate this effort.  Until then, see you on the road. 

Buddy & Kim








Region "A" Membership Enhancement 

& Chapter of the Year Coordinators

& Couple of the Year Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck



This month we continued our FUN except we were focused on our home Chapter’s events. We participated in 9 Chapter rides which included Saturday night Short Track Racing, a brown bag lunch ride, a visit to a Dairy Farm, a multi-Chapter ride plus three other Chapter Visitations. By the time we get to the end of April we will have traveled over 1,600 miles without leaving the state of Florida. There were also a couple of other events (Gathering & Planning Meeting) that we were involved with.


There were other types of FUN in the Region because there were also two announcements that were recently made. At the end of March, at the 40 to Phoenix stop in Georgia, our Region “A” Directors made a special announcement in front of the people assembled. Jim & Sue Jackson announced and presented a plaque to GA-A (McDonough) for their selection as the 2016 Region “A” Chapter of the Year. Congratulations to the whole Chapter for being selected! Though the Region can only select one Chapter of the Year, we would like to congratulate AL-Y (Birmingham), FL2-G (Ft Myers) and SC-F (Easley) on their selection as their Districts Chapter of the Year.


The second announcement was made at the Alabama District Picnic. Jim & Sue Jackson announced that AL-D (Anniston) was selected as the 2016 Region “A” Newsletter Award winner. Each year that we have judged newsletters we have seen Chapters stepping up the quality of their newsletters. What makes the newsletters so great is that they have information for Chapter Participants and that truly is what a newsletter is all about. We would also like to congratulate FL2-O (Stuart), GA-O (Tifton), MS-B (Vancleave) and SC-J (Myrtle Beach) on being selected their District Newsletter Award winners.


The Regions 2016 MEC of the Year (Jeanette Carr - FL1-K), 2016 Chapter of the Year (GA-A) and 2016 Newsletter of the Year have been forwarded to the Director of Membership Enhancement for possible selection for the International awards. We wish all of them good luck!


In closing we want to remind everyone that in May there are two District rallies (South Carolina and Alabama) and in June is the Georgia Rally. These are three opportunities for you to attend major rallies within or outside your home District. We hope to see you at one of them.


Until Next Month…Be Safe Out There and have FUN!


Rick & Madalena  






Region "A" Trainers

Phil & Judy Stone



Last month, we talked about the status of each District in the Region.  This month, we can talk about the schedule for the Instructor Trainer and Certification Program in each District.  As we firm up the details, the information is being put on the Region A website under Leadership Training.  Double classes are scheduled June 10 in Huntsville, AL and June 17 in Murrells Inlet, SC.  A single class is scheduled July 15 in Gulfport, MS, and will be posted as soon as I have some more local information available.  There are sufficient candidates available in Georgia so that we have now started the process of finding a date and location in July or August.


Many of you have just gotten back from the mountains of Tennessee and a wonderful time attending the Spring Fling.  Some commented on the amount of rain in the area and I am sorry you had to deal with it.  I believe I would have preferred feeling great and dealing with rain, to my week feeling lousy and staying dry.  However, either option is better than having been sick away from home, so I guess I do not need to complain.  We are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at the South Carolina District Rally May 6 and 7 in Beaufort, SC.


If you are still on the fence, why not contact your District Trainer, or me, and watch the videos to help you decide.  If after watching, you are not interested, you have spent a little time but have not made a commitment.  If you then want to learn more, complete the inquiry form and you will be put on the waiting list for a class.


Phil & Judy






Region "A" Medic First Aid Trainer/Coordinator

Robert & Gail Brown


The riding season is in full swing. As we go from spring to summer be aware of the heat and humidity. Drink plenty of fluid and stop to rest as you feel the need. Also watch out for your riding partners and make sure they rehydrate also. 


Robert & Gail






Robert & Gail Brown

Region "A" Couple of the Year

2016 - 2017


We have just gotten back from the Tennessee District Rally and it was a good one. This is always a good rally and while we were there we met two of the other couple that will be in the selection with us. Ervin & Denise Blake from Region N along with Gary & Karen Ballou from Region D.  It was nice to meet and spend a little time to get to know these folks.


Next on the schedule will be the South Carolina Rally in Beaufort S. C. Buddy & Kim Summer has a great weekend planned and we hope many of you can attend.


The Alabama District Rally will be May 18th-20th in Mobile, Al. On Friday a new Couple of the Year will be selected. If you are at the rally come and watch as the new couple is selected.  


  Robert & Gail






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