Region "A"-News

  August 2017


The Official newsletter of Region "A"                                     


2017 GWRRA Events

Aug. 31-Sept.3 Wing Ding 38 Billings, Mt
Oct. 13-15 Mississippi District Rall7  Gulfport, MS
Oct. 26-28 Region "A" Rallly Eufaula, AL



Senior Region "A" Region Directors

Jim  & Sue Jackson



Hello Region ‘A’ Members,


By the time you are reading this bodacious Region ‘A’ Newsletter Wing Ding 39 will be in process Aug 29, to Sep 02, 2017 or might be over. And perhaps by the time you are reading this article we will know where Wing Ding 40 will be held. Certainly hope it is East of the Mississippi River somewhere or perhaps if its West of the Mississippi it might be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I would like to go there for Wing Ding one more time. There are limited fine places that can accommodate a Wing Ding and as much as I enjoy Wing Ding I really enjoy the “ride” to the site better. I will be riding to Grapevine, Texas this year and Sue will be in the chase-vehicle since she is unable to sit on the pillion the rest of this year. We will be riding with a great group out of Florida and the plan is to stop at some fun places along the route before riding into Grapevine. After Grapevine, I believe the routing is to San Antonio, Texas for a look see at the Alamo. Several of our group hasn’t seen that site and they will be able to mark it off their bucket-list.


Folks, when we return from Wing Ding 39 in September, the next fabulous District Rally in our Region will be the Mississippi District Rally October 12-14, 2017 in Gulfport, MS. Senior District Directors Harry and Diane Schafer along with their “Southern Magnolia Team” have an outstanding Mississippi District Rally lined up just for the taking. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is one of my favorite places to Rally and folks the fun will be spread pretty thick. Yes, there will be many prizes and all the fun that comes along with this fine Rally. Really looking forward to being down on the Gulf Coast for a nice weekend and of course there will be seafood involved I’m sure. Go ahead and send in your registrations for this super event and come play with us on the sugar-white sands of the Gulf Coast.


Folks the bodacious “Rip Roaring 20’s” Southeast Region ‘A’ Rally Oct 26-28 will be held at the fabulous Lakepoint Lodge and Convention Center. The sad thing about the 31st Region ‘A’ Rally is it will be the last one. Yep, after 31 continuous years of presenting the Region ‘A’ Rally the 2017 Rally will be ending all that Region tradition. As you are aware by now, the 2018 GWRRA Restructure eliminates the Region Level of management in GWRRA thus no more Region Rallies. So at the conclusion of the Rally we will have the honor of “Turning Out the Lights the Party is Over on the Region Rally”. So, we invite all of you to come celebrate the ending of a 31 year tradition and smile or cry with us. I expect there will be a little of each! Our Region MEC’s Rick and Madalena along with the complete Region ‘A’ Staff promises a Rally that will long be remembered as the “Best of the Best” and I have no doubt about that. I’ve heard from a lot of folks that have been Members of Region ‘A’ for a very long time and most are making arrangements to attend this last Region Rally. Heck, I expect a large crowd and we hope each one can walk away with a smile on their face and a memory in their heart of the Southeast Region ‘A’.


By the way, when you call the Lodge for a reservation, if they indicate they are sold-out don’t let that deter you. Please asked to be put on the waiting list for Lodge rooms. In many instances a room will become available at some point. By chance if no Lodge rooms open up there are rustic-cabins situated in the immediate forest right on site that are still available. Last accounting all the cottages sitting on the water have been reserved, but it doesn’t hurt to ask about them. We have a ton of events and fun lined up for ya along with a super Thursday night “sit-down” dinner and you will be served at your table……ie no standing in line. The Thursday night dinner is delicious and the fun will go on deep into the night. We may even have our most favorite Mayor of Eufaula dining with us and the Honorable Mayor Jack Tibbs always has some encouraging words for us. Hope to see many of you at Lakepoint Lodge and Convention Center in late October. By the way, go ahead and send in your registrations so we can count you in on the head count. And thanks for your continued support of the Southeast Region ‘A’ Rally all the way to the conclusion. See ya in October if not before. !



Jim & Sue  







Region “A” Educators

  Mike & Mary Coral


We have made it to Wing Ding even though Hurricane Harvey is trying to dampen our spirts. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been effected by the storm.

We took 3 days to get here and no matter how many trips we take, we always learn something new or get reminded why we have our Rider Education Program. The training we received was very helpful as we had several issues with our 4 wheeled friends not looking out for us. The roads in Texas do not necessarily sync up with our GPS maps either.

We also had a problem with our trailer lights. I did check all the lights and performed my T-Clocks before we left each morning, but the issue I had was something that wasn’t visible. Another RE recommendation is to ride with others. We were lucky to be riding with enough people that we were able to combine our efforts to get the lights fixed and because I had performed my T-Clocks we were able to find the issue quickly and get back on the road. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this week and for those who weren’t able to make it this year, we hope to see you down the road soon! 

Mike & Mary





Region "A" Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Buddy & Kim Summer



Kim and I made the three day trip from South Carolina to Grapevine, Texas in the mist of Hurricane Harvey and only got rained on once.  We took back roads mostly and had a safe trip except for the last leg – Interstate 20 through Dallas.  For those of you who like traveling through Atlanta during rush hour, getting cut off by speeding cars at 70 miles per hour is the normal.  Well folks, the Dallas Fort Worth Area is just as bad.  Even though we were in a group of five trike/bikes and trailers, trying to leave enough braking room on the wet interstate seemed to be an open invitation for motorist to cut in front of the bikes.  My advice is to let them.  Give them room and drive defensively. 

Wing Ding 39 starts Wednesday and we’ll be here with our fun friends spreading the word about being aware while on the road.  Please stay safe in your travels.  See you on the road.

Buddy & Kim








Region "A" Membership Enhancement 

& Chapter of the Year Coordinators

& Couple of the Year Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck



Now that we are heading into September that means the final Southeast Region “A” Rally is less than two months away. That’s right, before you know it, October 26th will be upon us and the Rally will be kicking off. We are still in the works of finalizing the schedule but we do know one thing for sure, the Team Challenge will be back.


Back by popular demand, we will be hosting the Team Challenge. One team, consisting of four Members, will win $100 (a $25 Visa gift card for each of the four participants)! Now for those who don’t know what we are talking about, shame on you. No just kidding! As in the past we are looking for teams of 4 people. The team can consist of people from your Home Chapter or maybe your District or it just could be friends from around GWRRA. What this means is a Chapter could have more than one team.


So, if you haven’t participated in the past you are probably wondering what needs to be done for each challenge. We won’t give you specifics because that would make it too easy but let’s just say you will have FUN. The first event is on Thursday night after dinner before the Costume Contest. The first challenge will not be messy and will not take a lot of physical effort. On Friday, the challenge might take the team 30 minutes or all day to complete. It is all based on what the team wants to do. With this challenge, you will have to use brain power. The final challenge will be held on Saturday morning. The challenge will not take a lot of physical effort but will definitely take team work.


After each challenge, a team will be awarded points based on completing the challenge. Saturday evening, we will be announcing the Team Challenge winner at Closing Ceremony. At the beginning of October, we will be sending an email through your District Directors giving you a chance to sign your team up prior to the Rally and receive points for signing up early.


Until Next Month, Be Safe Out There and Have FUN!


Rick & Madalena  






Region "A" Trainers

Phil & Judy Stone



In this article, we are starting with a memory quiz.  What were you doing at 2:00 pm on August 21, 2017?  The reason this quiz may be very simple is because it is 42 minutes before totality.  We are lucky in that the path of totality for the Solar Eclipse includes our backyard.  We did not have to use the Gold Wing to go to this place of monumental history.


Congratulations to four members from Mississippi who became certified as University Instructors after successful completion of the ITCP Class held in Redwood, MS on August 5 - Phillip Williams, Chuck and Doris McBride and Charles Simpson.  Elaine Williams, wife of Phillip, arranged for us to use Redwood United Methodist Church and she provided salad, lasagna and dessert for lunch, and water, coffee donuts, and other items for snacks for this class.  To top things off, we are fortunate to have Phillip Williams agree to assume the responsibilities as the new District Trainer for Mississippi, and will stay on as the University Coordinator.  Paperwork is in process for this appointment.


I will take a break to witness the totality at the appropriate time.


Congratulations to the seven members from Georgia, and one from Virginia, who successfully completed the ITCP Class held August 12 in Martin, GA - Dawn Cail, Murry Cail, Frank Brothers, Norman Morton, Wendy Morton, Larry Clemmer, and Gail Cross  of Georgia, and Leroy Gross of Virginia.  Many thanks to Mike Coral for taking the time to assist me in training for this class.  We sincerely appreciate  the efforts of Frank and Melinda Brothers as he arranged for us to use the Line Fire Department to house the class and she arranged soda, water and coffee for the group, as well as doughnuts, cookies and goodies for breaks and pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, chips and slaw for lunch.


Don't forget our remaining rallies in the second half of this year - Wing Ding Aug. 30 to Sep. 2, Mississippi Oct. 12 - 14 and the Final Region A Rally Oct. 26 - 28.  Wings Over the Smokies is Sep. 28 - 30 and Region N will be Nov. 2 - 4.


The description on TV for the eclipse was awesome.  We had our dog in the backyard with us and she just sat still and looked around as everything went dark and then brightened again.


If you keep this article, you will have an official piece of memorabilia for the 2017 Total Eclipse.


Phil & Judy






Region "A" Medic First Aid Trainer/Coordinator

Robert & Gail Brown


We hope everyone has a safe trip to Grapevine for Wing Ding. There will be a MFA meeting at some point during Wing Ding and we will pass along information when we get home.


Robert & Gail




Linda & David Snyder

Region "A" Treasurer





Howdy to all


We hope that everyone is enjoying this nice warm weather and riding their bikes. Sadly we have lost some wonderful GWRRA members this past month. Get out and enjoy your riding experience since we never know what tomorrow will bring. Our hearts go out to the families, blood and bike Chapters, for their losses. Hope everyone enjoyed Wing Ding in Grapevine, TX. We were sorry to miss it but look forward to seeing all of you at the MS and Region "A" rallies in October.


I have had questions in regards to Financial Reports for year end. We will not be the recipient of any of these reports. Home Office in Phoenix is working on it. So everyone hang in there until their ducks get in a row!


Change is hard for everyone especially after doing things the same way after many years. That being said, stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather coming with the fall.

Linda & David






Robert & Gail Brown

Region "A" Couple of the Year

2017 - 2018



When this newsletter goes out Wing Ding will be almost over. The selection will be finished and we all will know who is the winner. It is an honor for us to have gone and represented the best Region in GWRRA. Gail and I Thank you all for support this year.


Robert & Gail