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Senior Region "A" Region Directors

Jim  & Sue Jackson



Hello Region ‘A’ Members,


Since this is the last edition of the Southeast Region ‘A’ Newsletter, I will try to be positive and remain calm, cool and collective while tapping out this last news article. I’ve started to write this last article for several days (5-days) now and I guess the disappointment of this being the last Region ‘A’ Newsletter has me stymied and perhaps not looking at the over all “big positive picture” that the 2018 Restructure is supposed to bring to the Membership and GWRRA. That’s all I should say about that. Guess time will tell.


Wow folks, Sue and I have served 17-years on the Southeast Region ‘A’ Staff and the last 4-years as the Senior Region ‘A’ Directors. We have received accolades and applause from many folks in regard to our style of leadership and long service. Certainly they are appreciated and we covet each one. But, and there always is a “but” somewhere, Sue and I

merely was the “figure-heads” of Region ‘A’. The real applause and accolades should rightly go to all the Region ‘A’ Team Members that served so Professionally in the Division they were charged to manage. The majority of our Region Team Members served from the day Sue and I was appointed and a couple served a lessor time, but contributed and applied no less than their absolute best Professional management skills, style and dedication to their respective Divisions. I’ve never worked around a more Professional Group of folks whom I call Friends than the Southeast Region ‘A’ Team. Please accept our most heartfelt

thank you for hanging in there with us for the last few years in management of the best darn Region in the GWRRA. After all, Region ‘A’ was the largest in Membership, had more Chapters than any other Region and was the best managed Region in GWRRA, a fact that we never really received much if any recognition from the Home Office. Sorry, I let a little skepticism creep in there.


So, to the Southeast Region ‘A’ Team:

Ed Porter, Assistant Region Director, Rally Administrator, Web-Host

Rick & Madalena Buck, Region MEC, Rally Coordinators, Jack-Of-All Trades

Robert & Gail Brown, Region MEC/FA Coordinators

Phil & Judy Stone, Region Trainers

Roy & Anita Fosnight, Former Region Trainers

Mike & Mary Coral, Region Rider Educators

Chuck & Anne Reed, Former Region Rider Educators

Buddy & Kim Summer, Region MAD Coordinators

Ron & Pam Lantz, Former MAD Coordinators

Tommy & Vicky Martin, Team Members

Linda & Dave Snyder, Region Treasurer

I tip my helmet and say thank you to each Region Team Member.

“We Did It The Region ‘A’ Way”


To the Southeast Region ‘A’ Membership, thank you for allowing the Region ‘A’ Bodacious Team the privilege and honor of serving the best Members in GWRRA. We hope we have served the Membership well with the Region ‘A’ Rallies and leading by example with the majority of our Region Team attending each District Rally over the past 4-years. Many of you wasn’t aware, but at each District Rally in our Region we held a “Mini-Ops” Meeting with the Region Staff, the District Directors and their Staff. Naturally the purpose of the “Mini-Ops” Meeting was to discuss Region and District business and to stay on top of any developing issues and solve the issue(s) before they bubbled up to the Home Office level. The “Mini-Ops” Meetings were very successful and filled with meaningful information solving many issues.


We encourage and hope you as Region ‘A’ Members will continue to enjoy and support all the Rallies and Events in each District in our former Region ‘A’. Sue and I along with the Region ‘A’ Team will be attending many of these events so please say howdy.


In regard to the 2018 Restructure of GWRRA, time will tell whether it was a good management decision or not. Please keep in mind that your Chapter and District may or may not experience some slight changes or none at all. Supposedly the 2018 Restructure is to give us more opportunity to have fun and enjoy the GWRRA Family. Gosh, can we have to much fun? Naw, I don’t think so!


Hope to see many of you on the Road.  


Jim & Sue Jackson

Senior Region ‘A’ Directors

“Region Friggin ‘A’ - 4-Ever”



Jim & Sue  







Region “A” Educators

  Mike & Mary Coral


Mary & I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for the support you have given us since taking on the position of Region Ride Educators. We have enjoyed our time representing Region A and will continue to be here to support our members.


We would like to thank the rest of the Region Team for all they have done for us and the Region! Rick & Madelina Buck, Robert & Gail Brown, Ed Porter, Linda & Dave Snyder, Phil & Judy Stone, Buddy & Kim Summer, Tommy & Vicki Martin and last but not least our Region A leaders Jim & Sue Jackson.


There have been many Region Educators who have worked hard to make Region A the leaders in the Rider Education program. We did not do it alone. There have been many fine District Ride Educators supporting our members over the years.  The 5 current District Educators: Carl & Jan Breeding from Alabama, Rick & Pam Northrop from Florida, Frank & Melinda Brothers from Georgia, Brian & June Weddle from Mississippi and Rich & Jean Kitko from South Carolina.   They will continue to be there and do a great job for you. 


Again, thank you for your support and we hope to see you down the road!


Mike & Mary





Region "A" Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Buddy & Kim Summer



We are home from Eufaula now and we want to say what a fabulous time we had at the last Region A Rally!  Boy, did we create some memories.  I can’t remember a time when I’ve laughed so much and been on the verge of bittersweet tears.  Jim and Sue have done a phenomenal job as Region Directors during their tenure and we will miss them, their wisdom, their smiling faces, and positive attitude.  It’s like telling your parents goodbye as they shove you out into the world, hoping you have learned all you could from them and will be able to make it on your own.  JJ and Sue, miss you already! 

Motorist Awareness people:  Keep up the good work.  Let others know what you do is important in saving lives on the highways.  Be aware, be safe, and drive like it’s the most important task at that moment – because it is.  If you need any Motorist Awareness materials, literature or information, please contact your District Motorist Awareness Officer.  We will be here until the end of the year if you need assistance.  Until then, ride safe and we’ll see you on the road.   

Buddy & Kim







Region "A" Membership Enhancement 

& Chapter of the Year Coordinators

& Couple of the Year Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck



It is hard to believe this is our last article as the Region Friggin “A” Forever Membership Enhancement Coordinators. Back in September 2013, when Jim & Sue Jackson asked us to come on the Region “A” Team as the Membership Enhancement Coordinators, we saw this as an opportunity to expand on what we had done in the past. We previously were MECs for the Region back in 2007-2008 but didn’t have the knowledge we believed we had going in this time. So, we accepted the position and told them we would stay on as long as they were Directors, or they kicked us off the Team.


Fast forward to July of 2017! During a Zoom call, with the National Directors of Membership Enhancement, we found out that the Regions were going away as of December 31st. So, the correct term to us is we are going to be downsized / right sized at the end of this month.


So, instead of writing about MEC related stuff for our last article as the Region Friggin “A” Forever Membership Enhancement Coordinators, we wanted to use this opportunity to thank the people that we have had the distinct pleasure of having FUN with!


Being an MEC is probably the most FUN position there is in the Association. The position centers around having FUN and passing on information related to having FUN. Yes, MECs cover ARLs but that is how we get New / Prospective Members. Also, part of Membership Enhancement is Couple & Individual of the Year, Chapter of the Year, Newsletters and other competitions. So yes, we have had FUN being involved. Our other responsibility was to provide the Districts with any help, guidance and assistance whenever possible.


We were fortunate to work with some outstanding people at the District level. We say that these are the best of the best GWRRA has. Kenneth (Yo Yo) & Veronica Campbell, Danny Baker, Terry & Barbie Cleveland and Greg & Renee Dempsey from Alabama. Bruce Griffing, Bill & Cheryl Smith, Harry Anderson, Jim & Rebecca Iverson, Ed & Jeanette Carr, Jeff & Lisa Duffey and Pat Van Lengen from Florida. Dick Hopkins, Norman Morton, Vance & Fern Oakes and Sid & Donna Cohen from Georgia. Jane & Lemuel Jones, Linda Stapleton & Lyndon Pyron from Mississippi. Jean Kitko & Mary Coral from South Carolina. These people gave freely of their time to support their District in any way possible. For us they were great to work with because of the outstanding relationships we had as a group but even more so because of the friendships we have developed. They truly did everything possible to ensure there was FUN in their Districts. Next time you see them please thank them.


Being part of the Region Friggin “A” Team brought a unique opportunity for us. As you are aware, the Region Team was not a big Team. Though we were small, we were surrounded by a lot of experience and knowledge. People that were willing to help with anything in any area. What made it even more FUN was the relationships we were able to build or strengthen with the people that will be lifelong. We thank all the Region “A” Team for sharing the experiences we did over the years. There was no doubt that we did things the Region “A” Way!


The greatest thing about being on the Region “A” Team was the people in the 5 Districts that make up Region “A”. Serving on the Team provided us with the opportunity to meet so many new people along with strengthening relationships with those we had known for years.


Just because there won’t be a Region “A” Team starting the first of next year doesn’t mean we are going away. We will still be around and if you need something we can help with just let us know.


A phrase that was coined by our Home Chapter (FL1-L2, Wings of Wesley Chapel), we will be part of Region Friggin “A” Forever and look forward to seeing in the future.


Until Next Time we Meet, Be Safe Out There and Continue to have FUN.


Rick & Madalena  






Region "A" Trainers

Phil & Judy Stone



As this year draws to a close, we realize this will be our first and last year as your Region "A" Trainer.  We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve you for 2017.  The only real University news is that we have trained all but 7 of the Region "A" members who have indicated a desire to take an ITCP Class, and we have a location confirmed for a class on February 10 in Tifton, GA.  We are still working to confirm that we can have sufficient attendees to hold the class.  


According to Romeo and Juliet, parting is such sweet sorrow.  So what does that have to do with this newsletter?  Without the region meetings and rally, we feel it will be only more random opportunities to see many of you during the coming years, and definitely not as often.  It seems like a big piece of our GWRRA life will be missing.  But we are not to dwell on erroneous decisions that have already been made.  Did I actually say that?


We want to wish all of our friends who take the time to read this, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you nest year at the rallies we may choose to attend!  We may decide to attend a new rally or two during 2018.


Adios, Aloha, Arrivederci, Ciao, auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Sayonara, Bon Voyage, Shalom, and good bye until we meet again.


Ride often, ride safely, and take time to attend a module to learn something along the way.


Phil and Judy 






Region "A" Medic First Aid Trainer/Coordinator

Robert & Gail Brown


This year has flown by and will soon be done.  2018 will be the year of change for GWRRA and hopefully all will go as planned. The Medic First Aid program will continue ahead as always.


I want to let you all know, members, Instructors and Trainers how much we appreciate you all and THANKS for what you do.


We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Robert & Gail




Linda & David Snyder

Region "A" Treasurer




Happy Holidays to all of you in Region "A".


We hope you had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends.


Thanks to all for getting your Chapter Charter Fees into me in a timely manner. The only thing left for us Treasurers is our year end Financial Report. At this time I believe you will be sending them into the Home Office and not to me at Region "A".


I will sincerely miss keeping in touch with my very organized and dedicated Treasurers. We will miss our Region "A" friends but hopefully will keep in contact with one another at the State Rallies.


Dave and I feel so blessed in making the friendships thru the years with not only the Region "A" family but the members we have met along the way.


Happy New year to all. May 2018 treat all of you with love and kindness!

Linda & David