Region "A"-News

  January 2017


The Official newsletter of Region "A"                                     


2017 GWRRA Events

March 23-25 Florida District Rally TBD
May 6-7 South Calorina District Rally Beaufort, SC
May 18-20 Alabama District Rally Mobile, AL
Jun. 22-24 Georgia District Rally Dalton, GA
Oct. 12-14 Mississippi District Rall7  Gulfport, MS
Aug. 31-Sept.3 Wing Ding 39 Grapevine, TX
Oct. 26-28 Region "A" Rallly Eufaula, AL



Senior Region "A" Region Directors

Jim  & Sue Jackson



Don’t look now but we are bouncing around in 2017. Hope you know what happened to 2016 cause I don’t have a clue. It was like a rocket! The New Year brings on many good things and events for us to plan for and ride to. We’ve already started riding with our Home Chapter AL-M on New Year's Day and then a few more events in early January. Our Chapter rides at least once a week if MaMa-Nature corporates and she has so for in this wonderful year of 2017. Yep, it’s a time for planning your tour-rides for 2017 and if you plan them more than likely they will happen. I can’t imagine not riding to a rally in Region ‘A’ or even not riding to Wing Ding 39 which will be in Grapevine, Texas. Hope each of you are making those riding and touring plans.


Let’s not forget the many “FUN” Rallies and Chapter events that are already planned for 2017 in Region ‘A’ and with your support each one of them will be successful. Key words here are “support and participation”. It’s understandable in todays economy that planning must be guarded and reviewed as many folks are only able to attend a few major Rallies or events, but if you would please keep the events in Region ‘A’ on the front burner. Many of the events are Chapter events and are within a day’s ride without overnight expense. Pick out a couple of Rallies in the Region to enjoy and ride to them with fun on your mind and you will be pleased at what you find at the Rallies in the Region.


January brings to Region ‘A’ all the Chapter Director’s Conferences in each District. All Officers in the Region will be pretty busy during January. We’ve already completed a very successful Florida CD Conference January 7. January 14, brought us the Mississippi and Alabama CD Conferences and both were filled with distributing valuable information, gathering of Chapter Financial Statements and of course fun.  Unfortunately we had two Officers along with their co-riders involved in accidents on the way homeward. MS-L CD Pat and Belinda McCarthy had a coyote encounter near their home and the coyote lost. So please keep Pat and Belinda in your Prayers and Thoughts as they heal from their coyote experience. The AL-U Assistant Chapter Directors Pat and Darnell Lapera were rear ended near Montgomery, AL and they experienced injuries. Their trike took a real hit in the rear. So please keep both of these very nice couples in your Prayers for a speedy recovery. And let’s be careful out there. We will round out the 2017 CD Conferences January 21, in Georgia and South Carolina and naturally we will have Region representation at each of these important CD conferences.


By the way, the 31st Southeast Region ‘A’ Rally or “Rip Roaring 20’s Rally” will be held Oct 26-28, 2017 at beautiful Lakepoint Lodge & Convention Center.Late October is just a delightful time to ride your Wing in this area and this Rally will be the last one held in our Region for 2017 so please take the opportunity to consider attending. Yep, we will have many Door Prizes presented and managed by our Door Prize experts Harry and Lynn Anderson. These two are a delight to be around and will cover you up with door-prizes for you to win and enjoy.


For your information, our Southeast Region ‘A’ Volunteer responsibilities have been assigned by the Home Office for Wing Ding 39 in Grapevine, Texas. Our Region will be responsible for the On-Site Registration and Day-Pass Station. This is a pretty plum assignment and we will be working on the inside where all the air-condition will be blowing. This isn’t a hard assignment, but very important. So, if you like you may voluntary for a shift (3-Hours) to your District Director. We certainly appreciate your valuable volunteer time and you will be rewarded with a very nice Volunteer Pin and an invite to the Volunteer Ice Cream Social. Yeah, most all of us like ice-cream.


Sue and I are really looking forward to a bodacious 2017 filled with riding and rallying. We will be on the lookout for each of you along the road and hope we see many of you during the rallies in the Southeast Region ‘A’ area.


Until next time, ride safe and enjoy each day of riding.


Jim & Sue








Region “A” Educators

  Mike & Mary Coral





It has been almost a year since Mary & I took over the Rider Education Program for Region A. With Chuck & Ann Reed stepping down we had a huge void to fill, but with your help I believe that Region A still has the best Rider Education program in GWRRA.  I have to give the credit to your District and Chapter Educators for all their hard work in 2016.


We have been working to get the training scheduled to certify new Instructors for both modules and rider courses. It is very important that we continue to have certified instructors available in all parts of Region A.  It makes it easier for our members to get the training and information they need to help them become better riders and co-riders.


The hardest part of setting up or scheduling a riding course such as an ARC (Advanced Rider Course) or TRC (Trike Rider Course) is finding a location that will accommodate not only the course, but also the classroom portion. We have obtained several new locations in Alabama.  Carl & Jan Breeding, Alabama District Educators, has been working with not only the Chapter Educators but also the Chapter Directors and several members to get this done.  It is important to get help from all our members as we don’t know what might be an available location in your area. If you know of a place that might be good to use, pass that information on to your Chapter Director, Chapter Educator or your District Educator. They can look at the location and see if it’s a possibility.


We were recently asked why we enjoy being Region Educators. We had several reasons. The most import one is to be able to make a difference to our members and others by helping to provide Rider Education programs that will increase their riding safety and enhancing the pleasure of riding.


With the help of the District and Chapter Educators we also have the ability to reduce accidents, possible injuries or even save lives with the Education Programs provided by GWRRA.  Making the different programs more easily accessible to our members is sometimes a challenge, but when it all comes together it is very rewarding.


Remember: Wearing All Your Riding Gear all the time will make a difference.  Just ask anyone who has gone from vertical to horizontal.   


Until next time, ride safe and be visible. 


Mike & Mary





Region "A" Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Buddy & Kim Summer



As we look toward the New Year, changes will come along and are part of life.  It’s the same with Motorist Awareness.  In 2017 Motorist Awareness will become a stand-alone program in GWRRA.  The GWRRA Website is under construction and I was told by Barri & Mike Critzman, Directors of Motorist Awareness Division, more information will be coming in January.   

Looking back on 2016, it was a bittersweet year.  Along with our position as Region A Motorist Awareness Coordinators, Kim and I took on the Directorship of South Carolina in July because we figured we’d have more time to devote to GWRRA once she retired.  We did not figure on the responsibility of taking care of parents.  The last six months have been hard watching my mother slowly be taken over by cancer and my step-father deteriorate from age and dementia.  My mother was a strong-willed woman and fought a tremendous battle to the end.  The good news is she is no longer suffering and she will be greatly missed.  My father and mother molded me into the person I am today and I am thankful for my upbringing.  

I want to thank my Gold Wing family for the cards, emails, phone calls and visits during the past few weeks.  My mother and I often had talks about family time.  She was concerned about me spending so much time with my Gold Wing family.  I reminded her that my father donated his time to the Boy Scouts and she support that endeavor.  But she knew that GW was my “other family” and how much GWRRA meant to me.  I know my mother was proud to have a GWRRA motorcycle escort to her final resting place beside my father.  Your show of support let Kim and I know that you are indeed our family.  We thank you.  

Buddy & Kim








Region "A" Membership Enhancement 

& Chapter of the Year Coordinators

& Couple of the Year Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck



     Welcome to 2017! We hope that each of you could spend time with family & friends during the holiday season. This month, Districts will be conducting their own Operations Meeting to discuss things that are happening in GWRRA, Region “A” and your very own District.


     With each seems to come a change and this year is no different. The Membership Enhancement Program has made some changes to the Couple of the Year Program. These changes impact anyone that is currently in the selection process or will be this year. The following are the highlights of the changes provided by the MEP Couple of the Year Coordinators:


1.       The original three month term that a Chapter Couple and a District Couple serves before moving forward has been reinstated.  Some of our chapters, districts and regions have found that the move to six months resulted in an unduly long time period between being named Chapter couple and participating in the International Selection Process at Wing Ding. We have listened to your concerns and changed it back for the Chapter and District levels. Please note that the six month term will remain for the Region Couples participating at Wing Ding. They really need that extra time to prepare for the big event!


2.       We added an extra page to the resume form. And we also defined a standard font and font size which is Arial 11 for all parts of the resume. 


3.       We cleaned up the wording a bit in Section IV of the resume to enhance clarification. The general intent of the section remains the same.


4.       We changed the point value on the Rider Education section of the score sheet to reflect an additional point for Level IV riders. This change resulted in two less points for the overall appearance of the resume. 


     There were no changes to the Chapter Couple of the Year Selection process. These above changes only impact couples that decide to participate in the selection process at the District, Region or International level. We also believe these changes should help the program.


     We recommend that all couples that have decided to enter the selection process, or are considering it, download the program manual and review it. You can also get contact your District Coordinators and or us and we will try and answer any questions.


Until Next Month…Be Safe Out There!


Rick & Madalena  






Region "A" Trainers

Phil & Judy Stone



This is the time of year we would normally be talking about the cold weather and wish we could get out to ride.  The first week of January, we were visiting my son and his family in the Richmond, Virginia area.  It began snowing Friday evening and continued throughout the night and into Saturday, January 7.  The total snowfall was in the 7 to 8 inch range and temperatures had a wind chill of minus 4 degrees.  

OK, we have covered some cold and wintry conditions, so let's talk about Region A.  Our area of South Carolina had temperatures close to 80 on Wednesday, January 11, and the forecast for Wednesday, January 18 is for a high of 75.  Wednesday is a key weather day because I play golf with a group every Wednesday.  We went for our first motorcycle ride since Judy's surgery, on Saturday the 14th, with temperatures in the upper 60's.  We think most of Region “A” has had some unseasonably warm weather, and some bad storms mixed in.  Ride when you can, but be careful.  Keep watch for idiot drivers.  

We have given you an alibi.  We would normally be talking about your plans for training during this part of the year because the weather does not allow us to do our preferred riding.  Have fun while you learn something and attend a seminar or module.  If you are a University Trainer or a Certified Instructor, schedule a class to help your chapter, and neighboring chapters have fun and socialize while learning.  It is a great time to schedule both  a Horizon Class and an OCP (Officer Certification Program).  It will probably be several months before OCP is available on-line again.


For those University Trainers who are considering the ITCP, but have not yet decided, and for those who have decided not to participate, we give you something to think about.  We are willing to bet that most, if not all, of you have had to change processes or procedures and/or learn a new computer system at your job with no input to whether or not you would accept the change.  You accepted the change and moved on.  In GWRRA you have a choice, and it does not have to be made immediately, and it is not a one-time opportunity.  A decision not to accept this change may leave you with the empty feeling inside when you are not using your skills to help your friends have fun while learning something new.


Once again we ask that if you have no intentions of trying the ITCP Class, we ask that you stop any negative conversation about it.  You are entitled to your opinion, but do not have any knowledge about what you haven't tried and have no obligation to form someone else's opinion about ITCP.  Thank you for your cooperation.


When you are ready to accept the change and/or try something new, contact us to begin the process.  Maybe just decide to look at the 4 videos to get an idea what the change is about.  Watch them at your convenience and you can stop at any time with no cost to you!  


Phil & Judy






Region "A" Medic First Aid Trainer/Coordinator

Robert & Gail Brown


January begins the new G 2105 MFA program. There have been a few changes in the program going forward.


Be sure to check those First Aid kits on your motorcycles. In just the past few days there have been two couples in Region A involved in motorcycle accidents. Just be safe.


Robert & Gail







Region "A" Treasurer


Happy 2017 To All


Hope your holidays were all good and everyone is ready to leap into our New Year. Just a quick reminder, remember to get your Financial Reports done as soon as you can. Region needs the District Reports by February 15th, mailed to me (Linda). We also need a copy of two small and2 larger chapters in each District. We need those in the form of a hard copy. Treasurer's be sure to include the 2016 beginning balance for those 4 chapters (copy of  bank statement page showing balance is fine).


Do not need the Chapter 990's. They stay with the District Files.I do need a copy of the 990 or 990N with the District Report for our files. Any questions, send me an email( Thank you so much for all you do especially at this busy time of year.Region is so very lucky to have such great Treasurer's in our five Districts!


Looking forward to seeing everyone as we start another Rally season. Stay safe, my friends.


Linda & Dave






Robert & Gail Brown

Region "A" Couple of the Year

2016 - 2017


Has your chapter made your Couple of the Year selection? If not then the time is now. Pick a deserving couple that stands out and takes pride in their chapter. Someone that gets things done and is willing to step up when needed.


Make the presentation at your chapter meeting so that everyone can congratulate them for a job well done.


Robert & Gail






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