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  June 2017


The Official newsletter of Region "A"                                     


2017 GWRRA Events

Jul. 14-16 South Carolina District Rally Anderson, SC
Aug. 31-Sept.3 Wing Ding 38 Billings, Mt
Oct. 13-15 Mississippi District Rall7  Gulfport, MS
Oct. 25-28 Region "A" Rallly Eufaula, AL



Senior Region "A" Region Directors

Jim  & Sue Jackson



I made this announcement on Face-Book about a week ago, but wanted to get the information in the Region Newsletter for everyone to see.  Folks, we have newly appointed Senior District Directors in the Southeast Region ‘A’.   Please join me in congratulating the following Senior District Directors: Frank and Linda Teasley, Alabama, Harry and Diane Schafer, Mississippi and Larry and Pam Clemmer, Georgia.  Folks, these Senior District Directors have worked so hard in managing and leading their Districts by showing their dedication, commitment, persistence, diligence, resolve, enthusiasm and tenacity each have earned the coveted Senior Director appointment.  Again, congratulations.  Well deserved!


The “Big-Booty-Shaker” of them all is Wing Ding 39 which will be in Grapevine, Texas Aug 29, to Sep 02, 2017. This will be our second time tracking out to Grapevine for this bodacious event being held in the “The Republic of Texas.”   And folks everything is “BIG” in Texas.  Hope many of you are planning this fabulous tour-ride.  You will see things in Texas that will blow your mind and they all will be big and enjoyable.  Check out the GWRRA Guided Rides and Self-Guided Rides in the area of Grapevine and just do it and have some riding fun.  Hope to see many of you in Grapevine.  By the way, Region ‘A’ will have the same responsibilities this year at the Ding as we covered in Billings.  We will be working the “On-Site & Day Pass” Registration Stations.  If you have a couple of hours to volunteer helping us, please notify your District Director and let him know when you will be available.  We sincerely appreciate your valuable time.


We just kicked the Georgia District Rally to the curb June 22-24, and folks it was a bodacious District Rally.  The fun never ceased even though there was some rain issues now and again.  Rain never stopped the Rally Good-times in Dalton, GA and everyone had a smile on their clown faces.  So many events to talk about, but I particularly enjoyed making a Pine-Derby Car and racing with the racers.  There were 15 race-cars and mine came in sort of at the end of the line and that wasn’t the winning end.  GA-B was the over-all Grand Winner and  the racing was filled with good humor and poking fun at each other.  It was a good event.  Of course Rally prizes were aplenty and as usual I didn’t bring one or any home with me.  I left them there for all the other good folks to enjoy.  A tip of the ole helmet to Georgia Senior District Directors Larry and Pam along with their “Rambling-Wreck” Staff for a great weekend even thought it was a “Rainy Night in Georgia” a couple of those nights.  Next year the Georgia Rally will be held in Toccoa, GA Aug 2-4, 2018, so plug this baby in your calendar of up-coming events.  Check out the Georgia District Rally Flyer for all the details.  You are gonna like the new Rally Site which is the Georgia Baptist Conference Center and Hotel.  Hey bring your fishing pole and enjoy beautiful Lake Louise with fishing, canoeing and other audacious fun.  


Folks, when we return from Wing Ding 39 in September, the next fabulous District Rally in our Region will be the Mississippi District Rally October 12-14, 2017 in Gulfport, MS.  Senior District Directors Harry and Diane Schafer along with their “Southern Magnolia Team” have an outstanding Mississippi District Rally lined up just for the taking.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast is one of my favorite places to Rally and folks the fun will be spread pretty thick.  Yes, there will be many prizes and all the fun that comes along with this fine Rally.  Really looking forward to being down on the Gulf Coast for a nice weekend and of course there will be seafood involved I’m sure.  Go ahead and send in your registrations for this super event and come play with us on the sugar-white sands of the Gulf Coast. 


Oh yeah, then the bodacious “Rip Roaring 20’s” Southeast Region ‘A’ Rally Oct 26-28 at the fabulous Lakepoint Lodge and Convention Center will be front and center.  By the way, when you call the Lodge for a reservation, if they indicate they are sold-out don’t let that deter you.  Please asked to be put on the waiting list for Lodge rooms.  In many instances a room will become available at some point.  By chance if no Lodge rooms open up there are rustic-cabins situated in the immediate forest right on site that are still available.  Last accounting all the cottages sitting on the water have been reserved, but it doesn’t hurt to ask about them.  Lakepoint and Eufaula, GA is a great place to hold the Region ‘A’ Rally as the location is approximately in the center of the Region so it gives everyone a great opportunity to take in the Rally.  We have a ton of events and fun lined up for ya along with a super Thursday night “sit-down” dinner and you will be served at your table……ie no standing in line.  The Thursday night dinner is delicious and the fun will go on deep into the night.  We may even have our most favorite Mayor of Eufaula dining with us and the Honorable Mayor Jack Tibbs always has some encouraging words for us.  Hope to see many of you at Lakepoint Lodge and Convention Center in late October.  By the way, go ahead and send in your registrations so we can count you in on the head count.   And thanks for your continued support of the Southeast Region ‘A’ Rally.   See ya in October if not before.


By the way, Georgia and Mississippi continue to operate without District Trainers.  Georgia and Mississippi Members please take a look around and encourage your favorite folks to perhaps step-up in the leadership position of Trainer for your District.


As we get more into the Summer riding, let’s keep our eyes open and our heads up.  Watch out for the other guy because he isn’t watching for you. 


Jim & Sue  







Region “A” Educators

  Mike & Mary Coral


During my recent ride through heavy traffic in Atlanta, Ga, I decided to talk about staying visible to others.  Fast moving and quick lane changes with no signals is not something I see that often in smaller cities or towns.


Riding “Defensively.” What does this mean?  It means ride fully expecting other do not see you.


Lane positioning is important: Try not to ride adjacent to other vehicles.  Riding in the front line of vision of the driver behind you, staying out of their peripheral vision. Often drivers fail to signal when turning, changing lanes or even fail to check their blind spots.   Stay alert and out of blind spots of other vehicles. Position yourself so that if the driver unexpectedly moves into your lane, there is ample space to avoid being struck by the lane change.


Along with being aware of what is immediately around you, remember, 12 Seconds is the approximate range of your scan helping to identify potential problems early.  Riding in traffic requires your attention to the environment around you.  Create and maintain a safe reaction zone between the vehicle in front of you and your motorcycle?   Essentially, it’s all about giving yourself enough time to react. (4 seconds is the zone in which immediate action may be required).  


Mike & Mary





Region "A" Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Buddy & Kim Summer



The Region “A” Guidelines from the Motorist Awareness Program (MAP) were sent to Motorist Awareness Officers, District Directors, and Rider Educators yesterday. 

As you know, we do things a little differently in Region “A” and if you have a Chapter Motorist Awareness person, keep them and let them do the Motorist Awareness job.  They are not an officer, but are an integral part of the chapter team. 

Also, there was information in the guidelines about ‘what constitutes a Motorist Awareness event’.  Any time a GWRRA member talks to someone else, outside GWRRA, about motorcycles, it is considered a Motorist Awareness event.  Home Office no longer requires a quarterly report, but wants a short monthly email about what members did to contact the motoring public about motorcycles. 

Be sure to include names of who did what, which may qualify these individuals for a MA Gold Award.  Five different events or presentations can contribute to any GWRRA member’s recognition to achieve this award.  Be sure to ask your District MAP Officer for details.  MAP is a good program and can save lives as long as we promote awareness of motorcycles.

See you on the road,

Buddy & Kim








Region "A" Membership Enhancement 

& Chapter of the Year Coordinators

& Couple of the Year Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck



Having written so many articles over the years for different newsletters, some months it’s hard putting thoughts into words. This month we came across an article that hit the essence of what was on our mind. The following article was written by the FL1-L2 Membership Enhancement Coordinator:


FUN is Contagious


     Each of us joined GWRRA for a reason and with some expectations. We would think that most of us caught the “GW bug” after listening to enthusiastic GWRRA Members sharing some things that they have enjoyed since becoming a part of GWRRA and a local Chapter. We all joined our Chapters seeking out fun and the opportunity for more fun. FUN is contagious and it is a tool that is used in the recruitment of additional members. Learning safety and knowledge is a nice benefit of seeking out the quest for fun. We would say that FUN is the #1 expectation of joining and retaining a membership with GWRRA. Think about what some of your other main expectations were and how your experience with GWRRA and your Chapter family has helped you have a meaningful membership. We have a lot to offer to other riders.


     Our Chapter, as many others, has lost membership due to natural attrition. We have all lost people due to health reasons, retirement and moving, and even death. It is expected that Chapter attendance will go up and down. But membership numbers are also an indicator of other things. Such as: Good numbers are indicative of happy and supportive members, effective leadership and a strong Chapter. Our most current roster has our membership as 77 members who are active with the Chapter.


     Our Chapter stands out among all other Chapters in GWRRA. This is evident in being the only Chapter selected as the International Chapter of the Year both in 2010 and 2015. More importantly is that our Chapter has FUN no matter where we are or what we are doing. A group of us have just returned from the Georgia District Rally and guess what happened? We had FUN while at the restaurant having dinner. We had FUN exploring a really cool Civil War tunnel, dug by hand in 1850. We had FUN at the hospitality room just talking to other members about our great adventures. I am sure this will be measured at our next Gathering by the number of Pegass nominations which occurred during the Rally.


     Recruiting and Retention is the lifeblood of our Chapter and GWRRA. Let’s try to spread the FUN, share the FUN, and keep having FUN. Share your enthusiasm about our Chapter life with a friend or co-worker. Give folks information about our social gathering and invite them to join us on a motorcycle ride. Remember our Motto “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge.”


Parts of this article were written by Shirley Ward


Ride Safe & have FUN,


Donny & Aimee Peters

Membership Enhancement Coordinators


Until next month, be safe out there and have FUN!  


Rick & Madalena  






Region "A" Trainers

Phil & Judy Stone



Congratulations to Tracy Dunn, Randy Mink, Stella Pettus, Danny Baker, Jim Jackson, Carl Breeding, Janis Breeding, and Gail Brown who have achieved recognition as University Instructors for successful completion of the Instructor Training and Certification Program Class held in Huntsville, AL on June 10!


Congratulations to Norm Van Dame, Florida District Trainer, for becoming certified as a University Instructor Trainer as he co-taught the class on June 10!


Congratulations to Mike Melton, Anita Fender, Karran Robbins, Susan Kruse, William Dunaway, Judy Dunaway, David Timbs, Melissa Timbs, and Denis Turcotte who have achieved recognition as University Instructors for successful completion of the Instructor Training and Certification Program Class held in Murrells Inlet, SC on June 17!


While we do not have access to the number of instructors by district, we feel that Region A is in pretty good shape.  In addition to the candidates already certified, we have a class scheduled for Mississippi on July 15 and in Georgia on August 12.  Preparation to schedule a class for Florida is in process.  That will cover all candidates presently on our wait list.


Several new modules have been presented to members and more are scheduled soon.  The reception seems to be good based on early feedback.


The weather was actually better than the forecast for the Georgia Rally in Dalton, GA, but like us, several attendees did not arrive on two or three wheels.  The conditions inside were good and we had a great time.  Ice cream, costume and hat contests, bingo, pinewood derby car races, a great talent show, rides, Chik-Fi;;-A and vendors are only some of the things there were to do.  Thanks to Larry and Pam and their entire team for a good time. 


Have a great 4th of July and take time to remember the reason for this holiday.


Phil & Judy






Region "A" Medic First Aid Trainer/Coordinator

Robert & Gail Brown


July is here and the weather is getting hotter. If you plan to ride be sure to hydrate the day before and also during you ride. If others are also travelling with you watch each other for signs of over heating. Drink plenty of water and be safe.  


Robert & Gail




Linda & David Snyder

Region "A" Treasurer






Really don't have any wisdom to spread around this month. We are looking forward to the Dog Days of Summer.That's why we moved to the south.


We are recuperating from a whirlwind June. Two graduations in the north and two Rallies add up to lots of miles. We now have two graduate grand kids and touched base with lots of Gold Wing friends.


GA Rally just finished so the summer stretches ahead with fun lunch and dinner rides. Let's try traveling between our GWRRA Chapters as part of the Summer fun.


We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July and spends quality time with friends and family.


A special thank you to all who serve our country. Without all of you we wouldn't have the freedom that we cherish.


Everyone stay safe! Oh yeah, watch out for that other guy!

Linda & David






Robert & Gail Brown

Region "A" Couple of the Year

2017 - 2018



We have just gotten back from the Georgia District rally and it was a good one. The weather was not the best but everyone seemed to be having a good time participating and visiting with friends. It was nice to see some other District Couples of the Year in attendance.


Wing Ding will be here soon and we hope to see all of you at the Couple of the Year selection. It will be on Tuesday and there will be 8 couples total in the selection. We are getting things in order and looking forward to this event.


Hope to see you there,


Robert & Gail