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  May 2017


The Official newsletter of Region "A"                                     


2017 GWRRA Events

Jun. 22-24 Georgia District Rally Dalton, GA
Oct. 13-15 Mississippi District Rall7  Gulfport, MS
Aug. 31-Sept.3 Wing Ding 38 Billings, Mt
Oct. 27-29 Region "A" Rallly Eufaula, AL



Senior Region "A" Region Directors

Jim  & Sue Jackson



Ladies & Gentlemen of Region 'A',

Can you believe we are halfway through our Region 'A' Rally Season? I really can't get my head wrapped around that fact. Seems we just kicked off the Rally Season in Florida, then South Carolina and here we are today just in from the Bama Jamming District Rally held in Mobile, AL. That means we have Georgia coming up June 22-24, in Dalton, GA, then the Mississippi District Rally October 12-14, in Gulfport, MS, then the bodacious "Rip Roaring 20's" Southeast Region 'A' Rally Oct 26-28 at the fabulous Lakepoint Lodge and Convention Center. By the way, when you call the Lodge for a reservation, if they indicate they are sold-out don't let that deter you. Please ask to be put on the waiting list for Lodge rooms. In many instances a room will become available at some point. By chance if no Lodge rooms open up there are rustic-cabins situated in the immediate forest right on site that are still available. Last accounting all the cottages sitting right on the water have been reserved.

So, that means we basically have three Rallies left in our Region for 2017 and if you haven't been able to attend one this year there are still several opportunities coming up fast. As Sue always tells me, plan it and it will happen. Really would like to see each of you attend a couple of Rallies in our Region this year. Just for information the District and Region Rallies are the District's and Region's few opportunities to generate operating revenue as no funds are forthcoming or shared from the Home-Office.

Besides our three Rallies left in Region 'A' let's not forget the "Big-Booty-Shaker" of them all and that is Wing Ding 39 which will be in Grapevine, Texas for 2017. This will be our second time tracking out to Grapevine for this bodacious event being held in the "The Republic of Texas." And folks everything is "BIG" in Texas. It's not to early to plan that fabulous tour-ride. Hope to see many of you in Grapevine. By the way, Region 'A' will have the same responsibilities this year at the Ding as we covered in Billings. We will be working the "On-Site & Day Pass" Registration Stations. If you have a couple of hours to volunteer helping us, please notify your District Director and let him know when you will be available. We sincerely appreciate your valuable time.

By the way, Georgia and Mississippi continue to operate without District Trainers. Georgia and Mississippi Members please take a look around and encourage your favorite folks to perhaps step-up in the leadership position of Trainer for your District.

As we get more into the Summer riding, let's keep our eyes open and our heads up. Watch out for the other guy because he isn't watching for you.

 Jim & Sue  








Region “A” Educators

  Mike & Mary Coral





Feedback from your Motorcycle


I know we all do our T-CLOCKS and check what we know to check before starting our ride.  Right? Recently I noticed during my check that my front shocks had started to leak around the fork seal. So, I took my 2004 Goldwing to the Alabama Rally to have the seals replaced. 


It’s a good thing I did.  When I went to check on the progress of the work the mechanic asked me if I had noticed any vibration.   I said yes, when riding at times I noticed a slight vibration at 45 mph and after that it would go away.  When I first noticed it, I check everything I knew to look for and could find nothing wrong, everything looked good to me. I thought it may just be the road as it didn’t happen every time. He said, while he was removing the front fork’s he discovered that the bearings in the steering were damaged.  Three of the bearings had dislodged from the retaining ring. He said that the bad bearings are what most likely caused the vibration. After the repairs were completed, the Wing rides and handles like new (The vibration is no longer present).


The moral of the story is when you feel something like a vibration, the handling is different or you hear something that’s not normal and your unable to find the problem, take it to a qualified mechanic for a good once over. You and your co-rider’s life is worth the cost.


Riding safe starts before you ride.  Inspect your Equipment and remember “WEAR ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME.” 


Mike & Mary









Region "A" Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Buddy & Kim Summer

This past weekend I helped my home chapter with a Motorist Awareness Rest Stop Event at the rest area on the Interstate in our county.  Until it was a good opportunity to talk with motorist – both riders and non-riders when they stopped by our booth for literature, brochures, yard signs, and refreshments.  The riders were thankful that we were trying to get the message out and the non-riders said they always try to look for motorcycles.  All commented that they were glad we were there to spread the word about sharing the road with other vehicles.  

The local highway patrol also stopped to chat and he also wished us luck in our endeavors of spreading the word to watch for motorcycles.  

It was eye-opening that so many motorists were concerned enough to share their feelings with us.  One even commented that he wished motorcyclist would be more careful and watch for cars!  (He couldn’t have been talking about Gold Wingers!) 

May is motorcycle awareness month and I hope your members cared enough to share awareness of motorcyclists and smaller vehicles.  Get out and let people know you ride and ask them to look for you every time they get on the highway.  It will make life safer for all of us.  Until next time, see you on the road.

Buddy & Kim










Region "A" Membership Enhancement 

& Chapter of the Year Coordinators

& Couple of the Year Coordinators

Rick & Madalena Buck



Participation Instills Chapter Pride


·         Participation…the action of taking part in something.

·         Instills…gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude, especially a desirable one in a person’s mind.  

·         Chapter…the people in a certain area who make up one section of a large organization.

·         Pride…a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated.


For years we have tried to instill in people that participation is a key factor in enhancing any event they may attend. Having completed the Florida, South Carolina & Alabama District Rallies so far this year, we found ourselves talking about how pleased we were to see the number of Chapters and people taking part in the different events. Another thing we saw this year, more so than in previous years, is the pride Chapters displayed with their accomplishments. Even when a Chapter didn’t have the desired outcome of an event, their sense of pride still showed because they were involved.


We are sure that as you are reading this you are thinking we are talking about the different competitions like the Talent Show, Costume Contest, Chapter Shirt, Chapter Challenge, Mascot and so on. Well you are partially correct! We say partially because Chapter participation comes in so many forms.


Watching a Chapter as they get behind their Couple of the Year at the selection. Seeing the response of a Chapter when they were selected as the District Chapter of the Year. Hearing a Chapter cheer as they are named Largest Chapter Outside the District at Closing Ceremonies. These are all forms of Chapter Participation that Install Chapter Pride.


So what are the benefits of this participation and pride? First and foremost is a stronger, healthier Chapter that will tend to take this pride and use it in everything they do. Another benefit is for those Chapter Participants that don’t necessarily get involved for any number of reasons, they now want to participate because they listen to the FUN people are having. The last thing that we have seen is, when a Chapter participates it will carry over to bringing in new members and/or keeping current members. We have seen Chapters describe to potential new members their accomplishments and this sense of prides rubs off to those potential members.


So if you want to instill Chapter Pride you need to encourage Participation in all events. That also includes participating with your home Chapter at their scheduled events. There are all kinds of things you can do but it all starts with participating.


Until Next Month, Be Safe Out There and Have FUN!


Rick & Madalena  






Region "A" Trainers

Phil & Judy Stone



Wow, we had 2 rallies in May.  We are not sure if we can stand any more fun.  South Carolina started the month in the historic town of Beaufort.  There were three guided rides each morning and afternoon to give everyone a chance to see all three - Paris Island Museum, the old Sheldon Church and Fort Fremont.  Good food close by, ice cream, pizza and good friends.  What more could you want?

A couple of weeks later, we were in Mobile for the Alabama District Rally.  Did you still have your TV set from last year's rally?  We did, but not the winning one!  We had a great meal - brisket and veggies and dessert.  There was an ice cream truck with your choice of several specialties, some good vendors and some seminars, Bingo, a first aid renewal class.  What a blast!  It is a shame we had to come home a day early but that was for a church ceremony for a new high school graduate.

Our objective is not to find a bunch of people who want to take the Instructor Training and Certification Program Class.  Our job is to insure that those who are interested in this class can have an opportunity to attend one.  That is our duty as a Certified Instructor Trainer.  As your Region A Trainer, our job is to help the District Trainers help everyone who would like to attend a seminar or module (that is what we call the new training presentations), find someone to teach it and a place where it can be taught.  Balancing supply and demand is another way to look at it.  Actions depend on someone having a desire for training.  We are not trying to say it is your fault or your job, but it really does depend on YOU - our GWRRA members. 

If you are still on the fence regarding trying this new training, why not contact your District Trainer, or me, and watch the videos to help you decide.  If after watching, you are not interested, you have spent a little time but have not made a commitment.  If you then want to learn more, complete the inquiry form and you will be put on the waiting list for a class.


Phil & Judy






Region "A" Medic First Aid Trainer/Coordinator

Robert & Gail Brown


Recently, while returning from a District rally, I had to ride the freeway home. This is not something I normally do but time and weather was the deciding factor for this.


During my ride I began to pay closer attention as cars passed and was amazed to the number texting and talking on their phones. One even had a computer set up and was actually typing as he drove. I know this is not a revelation because we see it everyday.


It is just a reminder to be prepared. Having an awareness of surroundings and a First Aid kit in case something happens.


Always be prepared and aware.


Robert & Gail








Linda & David Snyder

Region "A" Treasurer




Greetings Wingers'


Since I'm such a quiet introverted individual, I really don't have much news to share on the Treasurer side of the GWRRA. Financial Reports still weren't working last I checked. Alas, what is one to do that is not trained in Excell. We volunteers sometimes have real challenges thrown at us. We get by with the help of our "Winging" friends. Everyone pulling together gets it done.


Enjoying seeing good friends as we make the 2017 District Rallies. FL, SC and AL did a great job. Looking forward to GA in June and MS in October followed by our Region A Rally also in October.


See y'all down the road.

Linda & David










Robert & Gail Brown

Region "A" Couple of the Year

2017 - 2018



Just finished the Alabama District Rally in Mobile, Al and what a good time we all had.


The Couple of the Year selection was held on Friday morning and Alabama had three couples participating this year. Each was a deserving couple but only one can be selected and move forward.


This year Alabama Chapter N’s couple, Bill & Vicki Cater, was selected.


They will represent Alabama at the Region A rally in October. When you see them out give them a hug and congratulations on a job well done.


Robert & Gail









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